Artist Statement

The universe of visual art encompasses a huge spectrum of  motivation and means of expression. Examples range from the most syrupy sentimentality to extremes of moral and intellectual confrontation. For me, the creative process is, on the simplest level, an aesthetic puzzle. Elements of the puzzle include contrast, color, visual texture, graphic pattern, and in some recent work, a simple cryptic symbolism.

I have never been particularly interested in lyric or pictorial content, and though some of my work does contain undeniable spatial illusion, even that tends to be a by-product rather than a goal of the primary pursuit: the balance of light and dark, pure color and organic neutrals, energy and calm, strong pattern and subtle field. Having grown up in an environment of contemporary architecture, I have always valued the classic modern synthesis of form and function exemplified by the Bauhaus movement of the early 20th century. Hence, the simplest solutions are often the most satisfying. Obviously, the modernist ideal of efficiency in form and function requires that method of execution be as well adapted to the aesthetic goal as the visual language itself.

The media before you is the result of many years of experimentation that came to its current form in early 1992. I work with dry pigment over a plaster surface. My tools are broad knives, sponges, rags and masking. The finish is high gloss alkyd resin.
Gregg Robinson
Tucson, Arizona
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